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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Malaysian Muslim woman former student of UKM Denies his apostasy

nescafe ais - 10:53

A Malaysian Muslim girl has dismissed as slander a claim of her having embraced Christianity contained in a piece of writing that had gone viral on the social media.

Adila Hussin McGhee said: “I’m still a Muslim; I still believe in Allah, the one and solely God, and Prophet Muhammad. I recognize what is sensible and unhealthy in Islam.

Please Don’t believe lies.”

News of the forty three-year-old Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) graduate from Ipoh allegedly having become an apostate spread on the Internet when the article was revealed by a charity organisation following a speak she had given.

The article was about Adila’s purported willingness to share her “story from the guts” of how she allegedly embraced Christianity when she was still in Malaysia once her first wedding, to a Malaysian, had failed.

Adila moved to Virginia once her second marriage, to an American citizen, and currently resides in a very small city in the district of Richmond.

When Bernama contacted her from New York, the former student of the Klang Islamic College in Selangor denied having embraced Christianity.

“I am terribly sad that my name has been tarnished, and this article on me could be a lie. I did not meet nor was I interviewed by the writer of that article.

“In truth, when I gave a speak on Malaysia, it absolutely was only attended by ladies,” said Adila, who now teaches the Malay language at the Diplomat Language Center in Washington DC.

Adila, who has three kids from her first wedding, said she was saddened when informed that the article had been widely circulated in Malaysia.

“It saddens me not having anyone to talk to concerning it. Everyone believes what they hear while not checking if it is the reality.

“I have told my folks what extremely happened, but am involved regarding whether the matter would reach my kids. They could probably be ostracised,” she said.

Adila said she was unhappy that her charity work had been misunderstood. It all started when she needed to search out markets for her hand-made soap.

“I visited the district office near where I keep and was introduced to an officer there,” she said.

She opened a stall to sell her wares throughout the harvest festival at Bowling Green and when that the stalls were confined to a gymnasium at a church there.

It was then that she got to understand the local individuals who invited her to grant talks on Malaysia for the members of a ladies’s association there.

“I actually have given talks on Malaysia, from the pre-Merdeka to the post-Merdeka period, on the country’s geography, individuals, food, climate, economy, culture, faith and others, and was surprised to grasp that many didn't know where Malaysia is.

“Besides introducing them to Malaysia, I additionally explained to them the success and achievements of Malaysian girls, how they held high positions in the government and non-public sectors. I told them that Malaysian women might also drive.

Adila and her husband, F. McGhee, have contacted the management of the church which invited her to grant the talks on Malaysia to assist clear her name.

She said the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, once which she would choose the next plan.

Adila also claimed that footage on her Facebook account, together with of her student days at the Klang Islamic College, had been downloaded and posted on different social websites.

She said she was conjointly harassed with various accusations through email, text messages and phonephone calls.

“I am also sad as a result of the names of a few of my friends at the Klang Islamic College have additionally been linked to the allegation, after they know nothing regarding it,” she added.



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